About Us

Illegal migrants from Africa are taken to a detention centre after being picked up by the Libyan coast guard on 8 July 2017Mahmud Turkia/AFP –  Read from source.

African Lives Matter Mission Statement

African Lives Matter is an organisation existing for the benefit and welfare of African people around the world. Our aims can be summarized as follows:

• Nurture a Pan-African Global Platform for our economic benefit regardless of adverse economic conditions.

• Sponsor an efficient access to quality healthy food, clean water, education and healthcare.

• The total elimination of slavery of African people and those of African descent throughout the world.

• The restructuring and support of African economies to prevent mass migration, exploitation and the risk of slavery.

• Long-term Trade & Investment agreements that benefit the wider ‘Grass Roots’ African population and not government elites.

• A global Pan African Stock Exchange

• Advocate for a  single African Embassy in each country for all Africans that actually do things to help.


Please help us continue helping stop the enslavement of Africans